Zack’s the real deal. His book is a must-read for those with a goal in life.

Eddie Hall aka THE BEAST

Along the course of the sessions, not only have I met a coach but also made a friend! I have always and will continue to recommend Zack to anyone who is keen to get started on a journey to become healthy.


I’m the healthiest and fittest I have ever been was during this period of training. Not only is Zack extremely professional but very knowledgeable in this field. I have found someone who is dedicated, highly motivated and quite simply an inspiration.


Along with getting fit and in shape, I’ve  learnt a number of skills including handstand walking, muscle ups, double unders while Zack has been my PT. I always look forward to the sessions as Zack is always in a jolly mood and as well as getting the best out of me we have a great laugh along the way. Great lad, great trainer, would 100% recommend.

Dan Whait

At every PT session Zack was committed to help me achieve my goal and make every session fun yet challenging! He made me believe I can do this, always pushing me in PT sessions and classes If you are looking to make a life change, to become healthier, fitter, happier and confident, I can’t recommend Zack enough!